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Welcome to Hogwarts!
Harry Potter is Number 1!
Bring back Sirius Rowling!
JK Took My Love Away!
I can wait till book 6!
JK give me a personal interview!
Sirius Come Back!

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Welcome to Hogwarts


Check out my new Book 6 page

Rowling! You've often said you see your self as Hermionie, but you are the real Voldemord, the real evile of the world!!!! Getting little children attached to charachters and mercifulessly snaching them away!!! Sirius was one thing, but Dumbledore who they known as protection and love in the world through out six books!!!!!!! YOu are heartless and it is plain you are setting Harry up to die too. You've taken all his protection!!! Well I hope you realize what youre doing to the minds of innocent childeren!!!! Im 25 and I feel like Ive lost a family member so just imagine how the childeren who read your nasty little sedistic books feel!!! YOU....YOU... VOLDERMORD, you souless trecherious monster!!!!!! Voldemord's next murder shouls be one JK ROwling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted my birthday card from Rowling!! You can see it at Correspondence with JK

Hey guys!!! Did you hear book five is coming out in paperback. Just thoght Id let ya all know. Also Rowling sent me a birhday card!!!!!! Yeah!!!! Ill be posting it!! So long for now.

Im back!!!!!! And I promise Ill be adding more updates!!! This is going to be the best HP site on the net(not that it already isnt :)!)Anyway check back get the news send me email send me your theories!! You send it ILl publish it!!

I suppose your all wondering why Ive not updated. Sadly my computer has crashed. I am at my parents now. I will be back when Ive resolved this, hopefully in the next month. Thanks for your continued support! Please keep coming back. I love you all and will return as soon as is possible. Untill then keep reading!!!!!!!! I anxsiously await book 6 as Im sure you do but as Ive not been on the net I don ot have any idea when it will be out. Actually I think Ill try to find now.

I come with some sad news! In the interview at Albert Hall Rowling said that Sirius death was suppose to show the cruelity and suddeness of death that is impt. now in war time. This being said I dont think Sirius will return as the death would lose its meaning. :""(

Also for you Severus lovers when ask about Snape Rowling said it not wise to think to good of Snape. She said he is a charachter you should keep your eye on. And also mentioned that Dumbledore thought the Defense Agianst The Dark Arts job would bring out the worst in him. SO THERE!! Snape is evil!! I knew it!!!!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates Im working hard on some graphic heavy pages!! Soon to come, my personal HP collection and some art work by me since none of you applied for the artist job yet!! :<

Let me start by saying if you came by and realized that for the first time this page went a whole day without an update I apolagize. My life gave me a wake up call but Im back now and with a very good update.The Order Of The Phoniex page is fianlly done!!

Ok this is my first piece of aniamtion and I warn you Im not an artist as my last post said we need one. Anyway, inspired by a friends website I decided to download some free software and try it myself. So here is my first movie. Sirius Returns. Watch it is short and aweet and if your a Sirius fan youll love it.

Harry Potter needs an artist! The artist will be responsible for a weekly cartoon about HP. The artist will have their own page and will be capable of selling their work from that page. All rights will be given to the artist. If you are interested please email me a sample cartoon.

Well I tried to avoid adding a page like this but you all kept asking who The webmaster was. Guess what its a Webmistress Surprise!!!

Visit The Death Eaters

Do you have a thirst for power? Ever wished for immortatilty? Then you should check out the new Villians page.

Here is myHarry Potter Poetry and of course a place for you to send yours in.

I come here in tears as I have discovered some really horrible horrible news. I know I always brag how this is my site and I say what I want and anything you send I get my comment on, but the one thing I can not say here is where I got this information.

Anyway. Its over. Rowling is writing the 6th book and is half way into it. So no petition will change what is happening but I would like to thank those who did sign and who were willing to fight for our Sirius.

Here is the diary Sirius wrote while he was in Azkaban. Dumbledore has just decided to give it to Harry. No one has ever read this including Dumbledore. He found it at Grimmauld Place and thought Harry would like to have it but he never read it. Now you can read it and see what Sirius was thinking about in Azkaban.

Also Ive applied for the top 25 Harry Potter site contest. And you all know mines best. So click this icon and vote for me.

Well people this is what weve all been waiting for. Here are the rumors and the facts about book 6.

I recently addeda review page. So far I only have a review of the lastest book but dont worry the others are coming. Also you can send me your own reviews of any of the five books from here.

I will be accepting fan art. The only requirements are that it has to seem like the characher and not be of pornagraphic nature. Email all fan art to me!!!

I have finished the page about Gary Oldmen as Sirius Black. This is only because hes playing Sirius and I love Sirius. I will not be devoting pages to other actors and I can not promise everything said about him on this page will be good!! You see I think the movies do the books a great injustice.

Chapter 1 of Sirius' Story is now up. Please read it! Ill get chapter 2 up as soon as possible!

Harry Potter News, Or Witch Weekly as it will be reffered to is up and running. It will be updated every week, note the name.

For those of you who believe in real magic in real witchcraft, hop on over to Witchcraft School and sign up for some classes in real magic!!! Classes start the 15th and the first 10 people to sign up for a class is all that gets in so hurry sign up today!!!!!!!

If you have any suggestions about this site pleasecontact me.

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This is only a fan site. All charachters are the property of Jk Rowling, Scholastic, Warner Brothers, or Blomsberry. Keep your lawyers at bay Rowling! This is a non profit site! Im just an adoring fan.
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